About our wiki

I think that our wiki is getting lazier and lazier every day...The wiki was only alive from December to January...Now nobody is visiting it!Only 4 users here...Anyway, i don't want the wiki to die :( And as an admin, i'm here to save itI'm here to discuss phew things about our wiki here!Here i go!


I think that we should be affliates with only wikis about singers that have collaborated with Calvin Harris.Let's still be affliates with Drake Wiki,Cirapedia, but... With Rita Ora Wiki?after i saw this article 0_0


I logged in on Twitter as Calvin Harris Wiki, and i decided to unfollow some celebrities that we follow.I think that we followed to many celebrities on Twitter! :( Anyway, we have 15 followers.I think that we should follow only our followers,other wikis and Calvin Harris' fansites which are on  Twitter.


Some of our articles look awful...Yes, we can use Wikipedia, but when somebody is editing 

our articles, he should be on the source mode.Here's a picture of the source mode:[1]


I like our design, but i think that a male's face looks kinda gay on a purple background.