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Learn all about the amazing Scott a.k.a. CALVIN HARRIS

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18 Months

The album you're gonna replay for more than 18 Months.

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Welcome to Calvin Harris Wiki!
Welcome to Calvin Harris Wiki! This is a wiki community dedicated to the amazing smash hit producer that it Calvin Harris! Feel free to help out and contribute where you can, if you have any problems just talk to our administrators. We want everyone to feel welcome here, and create a really inspirational place for Calvin's fans, so we would appreciate if everyone stuck by the following rules:
  • No insults or bullying any other users.
  • No fanmade or 'fake' pages (everything needs to be 100% true, usually with references).
    By the way, at the moment most of our information and so on have been borrowed legally from Wikipedia, but as we go on and develop, we hope to break out of the mould and be self dependent! But we can't do it without the help of all of you! Good Luck!
    658 edits to 22 articles since December 9, 2012.
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